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Google Mandates Security

Google Mandates Security

Google Mandates Secure Sites – HTTPS

It’s even closer than you think, in fact, October 2017!

Google officially broadcasted, that websites using SSL certificates, would gain boosts in Google rankings to make small steps to keep everyone safe on the web.

Google will not only penalise you for not having a secure site, it will soon publicly shame your credibility and label your site as unsecure.

Google Chrome statistics show that consumers visit more than 70% sites which are HTTPS:// enabled. Secure browsing is becoming the norm, which is why Google has been working for more than a year to encourage global use of SSL/HTTPS.


What is HTTPS / SSL?

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is the communication between a website and a browser. The “S” stands for secure. The “S” encrypts the information.


Why should HTTPS be used?

  • Unsecure sites make it simpler for hackers to intercept logins and or payment info, which could lead to fraud.
  • Quite simply your website rankings will be affected. Your search credibility will be penalised.
  • More advanced SEO strategies.
  • Previously, SSL or HTTPS:// was recommended when requesting password or credit card information. Soon, the red warning may easily be translated to visitors to mean that your site has been hacked or compromised.
  • The founder of WordPress Matt Mullenweg, has announced that the new features released in 2017 will be available for sites using HTTPS.
  • It protects your visitors, especially when sharing free Wi-Fi.
  • It’s becoming common practice for companies to only liaise with secure websites.


SSL Certificates are more important than ever

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