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WannaCry – Petya RANSOMWARE – Is my business protected?

WannaCry –  Petya RANSOMWARE – Is my business protected?

Hot question from yesterday – “Is my business protected from Petya Ransomware?”

Last month was, “Are we protected from the WannaCry?” Next month will be the same question, different Ransomware flavour.

The underlying response is your IT infrastructure is like a car. When you buy it new you look after it,

  • you service it,
  • you wash it,
  • you value it.

As it ages, you fuel it so it gets you to A to B. It passes the warranty period you­ may change the oil yourself. Time gets away and you forget that you didn’t “service” the car. It suddenly becomes urgent again, when it breaks down and your running late for your appointment.

Your IT infrastructure is the same, when you have your new system implemented you value it.

  • You shut the computers down nightly.
  • You let the updates run,
  • You read the error / warning messages on your screen.

As time goes on you get busy, it’s easier and quicker if you don’t have to wait for your PC to boot up of a morning. The longer you let your PC go without shutting down cleanly, the more error messages you “Cancel” or “OK” by accident without reading.

Before long,

  • It’s been too long between reboots,
  • You haven’t been running the patches or
  • Completing updates

because you need to process that tender quickly, send that email to finalise a project or send that invoice before you forget.

Weeks become months and you finally reboot your computer.

  • Your computer is exhausted and
  • literally trying to update 100s possibly 1000s of updates because it’s been so long.
  • You become frustrated because it’s sitting on 65% and it has been for quite some time.
  • Your coffee is cold.
  • You make another coffee and it’s up to 88%.
  • You call your IT Department and demand that they do something.

Just like cars, if you use them without turning them off, without servicing regularly, no matter how new they are, they will not last, they will simply run out of puff.

I guess, you are wondering what the hell this, has to do with ransomware?

If you don’t service your computers or you don’t secure them regularly then at some point, there will become a vulnerability along the line. Just like WannaCry, Petya locks the infected computers and demands that the victim pays the ransom.

Finally, the answer,

  • Maintain your computer networks.
  • Shut your PCs down at the very least once a week.
  • Let the update run regularly.
  • Allow your IT geeks to complete the patches.


You might have to watch your PC run an update occasionally, however, it will take less time than it takes you to finish your first cup of coffee.


Most importantly BACKUP, and we also recommend BACKUP your BACKUP!


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