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maintain technology prevent business risk

maintain technology prevent business risk

How to Maintain Technology to Prevent Business Risk

Every day there seems to be a new virus or malware infecting businesses, the same businesses who are struggling to keep up the defence. Not only are these infections much higher than a few years ago, but the quality and the tenacity of these cybercriminals has increased radically.

More than ever, it’s important to keep your staff educated and your computers virus-free. MayTek IT Solutions are working with companies every day to ensure that they are guarded, here are our top tips to technology defence.

  1. Patch Updates:

    Routinely ensure all computers are patched with the latest versions of browsers, anti-virus and operating systems.

  2. Anti-Virus:

    The importance of keeping your anti-virus turned on always. Remember, mobiles too can get infected.

  3. Backup:

    The simplest way to remove the worst of malware is to format the system and start from scratch. Ensure you have a reliable backup system, including more than one version.

  4. Policies:

    Implement an Internet, Email and Computer Use Policy. Include a tough browsing and download policy.

  5. Personal Emails:

    Limit or even restrict personal email use.

  6. BYOD:

    Ensure business data is restricted and encrypted on personal devices. Consider using a private cloud platform. If the device is lost or stolen, the information is still secure.=

  7. Training:

    Train your staff to be suspicious. The number one phishing and malware infections are caused by human error. Educate your employees to be suspicious of emails and websites. If they “think” it came from a trusted source or have any suspicion, educate them to confirm with the sender via phone or contact your IT Provider.

  8. Website:

    Cybercriminals are using company websites to learn the positions of staff. Especially, the Accounts department and the Directors or the Management teams. Implement a policy or two step authentication process, especially when the email involves transferring money “signed” by a person of authority.

MayTek IT Solutions are extremely experienced to help your business against vulnerabilities, protect and secure to your infrastructure. If you need assistance to implement strategies and tools to elevate your security and minimise risk contact the team at MayTek IT Solutions on 1300 654 276 or email

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