Share Point Solutions

Share Point Solutions

MayTek IT Solutions can provide your organisation and staff with the benefits of easy and secure access to shared organisations’ information and processes.

Want your content management to have the collaborative approach across all of your remote offices and improve your organisation’s efficiencies, effectiveness and increased growth?

MayTek IT Solutions SharePoint Solutions are the answer

Increase your staff’s productivity and get more return from your information

MayTek IT Solutions SharePoint Solutions help you centralise your information with easy but secure access. Make better-informed outcomes by implementing comprehensive limitiations over your security, storage, re-use, distribution and management of documentation.

Simplify your organisations processes

  • Fast track your external and internal shared organisation processes
  • Share documentation and information within and outside of your organisation
  • Make business processes, initiation, version control, participation, tracking, and reporting flexible and easy by providing a simple, consistent user experience through familiar client GUI
  • Optimise the way people, content, and processes interact within and across organisations.

Simplify the way staff and clients work together

MayTek IT Solutions SharePoint Solutions simplify information repurposing and content reuse, allowing you and your staff to take advantage of workflows to automate and gain increased access into common business activities such as document review and approval, issue tracking, and signature collection.

Let your staff focus on strategic, value-added tasks instead of unwanted, time wasting activities.

Enhance and extend team collaboration and improve your relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers by making forms-based business processes easily accessible to them.

Let MayTek IT Solutions SharePoint Solutions:

  • Increase employee productivity by simplifying everyday organisational activities
  • Help meet rigid requirements through comprehensive document control over content
  • Provide you the ability to efficiently manage and repurpose content to gain increased business value
  • Streamline your organisation’s access to both unstructured and structured information across systems
  • Connect your staff with expertise and information
  • Hasten your business processes across organisational boundaries or remote offices
  • Give your staff secure access to shared business data without divulging sensitive information

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