Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing

Technology innovation and our capability to harness its advantages to improve your organisation’s proficiency have made considerable progress. Fast and secure networking has advanced beyond Local and Wide Area Networks with high-speed Smartphones and Tablets.

MayTek IT Solutions’ experience in Mobile Computing Services will give you the edge over your competition.

Your ability to remain incessantly connected is now a reality whether investing energy at home, traveling for business, or on vacation. You and others in your organisation can take advantage of work life balance whilst maintaining productivity simply by enabling this type of accessibility.

Security and Speed

With the approach of worldwide availability comes the need for speed on your internal network, along with enhanced security requirements. MayTek IT Solutions, intend to enhance your ability to service your remote users’ requests for information rapidly and safely, preventing unauthorised intrusion attempts by utilising Virtual Private Networking, Intrusion Detection, and Advanced Firewalling techniques.

Home or Remote Office?

Remote areas require a persistent, stable, and secure connection. A Secure VPN provides a secure and reliable method to connect, whilst maintaining affordability.

Portable devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets are invigorating Mobile Computing

For the ultimate answer in staying connected, portable devices such as smart phones and tablets are the future. Smartphones and Mobile and WiFi-enabled Tablets have now entered the arena with various models, each permitting you to run your critical business functions like Calendar Scheduling and Email and other third party business applications Any Where, Any Time on Any Device.

Contact MayTek IT Solutions, and let us show you how to take your connectivity practices to the next level with our truly secure Mobile Computing services – MayTekCloud.