Phone Solutions

Phone Solutions

MayTek IT Solutions have a phone solution to meet your scalable business growth requirements

Talk to MayTek about your communication upgrade needs today, so we can find you a cost effective tailored solution for your business.


MayTek IT Solutions phone solutions have been designed for the small business offering a cost-effective communication and scalable and professional entrepreneurial advantage over your competitors.

Corporate functionality for your small business includes: email integration, call recording, phone forwarding, voicemail, record phone conversations, call screening, number porting and much more. Forward your office phone to your mobile, home phone or hotel room when you are traveling. Maintain the appearance that you are available to your customers anytime. Complete Maximum Accessibility with MayTek IT Solutions Phone Solutions

One of our clients’ favourite features of our Voice Over IP Phone Solutions is the ability to record phone conferences, then have the ability to email them to staff and clients that were unable to attend. There are apps which we can install on your mobile device, which allow you to receive and place calls directly from your Internet-connected device, anywhere in the world, have the ability to make or receive calls on your mobile device as if it was your office extension!

Work life balance…

Contact MayTek IT Solutions and allow us to demonstrate the functionality and features of cost-effective phone system solutions which help you to improve your customers’ perception of your organisation, and enhance the relationship and experience between your customers and your employees.